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As experienced auto wreckers in Geelong, the team at Grant’s Auto Dismantlers keep up to date with the latest information from car manufacturers, ensuring we have the cars in stock and spare parts to keep your vehicles in top shape.

Christmas is coming

Our lives seem to become busier every day and with only 4 weeks until Christmas I’m sure everyone’s to do list is getting longer. Have you remembered one of the most important things though. If you are going on a driving holiday over the Christmas break, have you checked that your car is safe for... Read more

Get your Geelong 4WD parts in time for Christmas

Taking the 4WD out for a spin over the Christmas break? Make sure your vehicle is in the best possible condition with top-quality 4WD parts from Geelong’s experts at Grant’s Auto Wreckers. Christmas and New Year is a busy enough time, without having to worry about your 4WD breaking down. Between ferrying your family from... Read more