Used car parts in Geelong

Geelong wreckers

Grant’s Auto Dismantlers are your Geelong wreckers, with a wrecking yard packed with cars, used car parts and auto parts for recycling. If you need auto parts for a new, used or reconditioned car, come and take a look through our huge range of cars, utes, vans and 4x4s.

  1. Used car parts

    1. Motors
    2. Cylinder heads
    3. Gearboxes and transmissions
    4. Second hand tyres
    5. Guards
    6. Doors
    7. Boot lids
    8. Mirrors
    9. Panels
    10. Aftermarket panels
    11. Mag and alloy wheels
    12. Radiators
    13. Tailgates
    14. Steering boxes
    15. Starter motors
    16. Bumper bars
    17. Trailing arms
    18. Rack and pinions
    19. Transfer cases
    20. Grilles
    21. Bonnets
    22. Door handles
    23. Aerials
    24. Driveshafts
    25. Switches
    26. Indicator lights
    27. Bumper bars
    28. Differentials
    29. Tailshafts
    30. Alternators
    31. Body cuts
    32. Headlights and taillights

If the auto parts you need are not on our list complete and submit our request parts form or come down to our wrecking yard on Gravel Pits Road, South Geelong. For any further enquiries about your needs for used car parts Geelong, contact us at Grant’s Auto Dismantlers.